Panthers walked in this morning to Mrs. C. hanging up new student art work. They love seeing their creations!
2 months ago, Robin Peters
Help us honor the past and embrace the future of East Noble, by joining our Alumni Association. Simply follow the link below to provide basic contact information. This information will be used to assist us in launching our East Noble Alumni Association. We appreciate your interest in bridging the past and present together! For more information visit our webpage at
2 months ago, EN Community Outreach
East Noble Alumni Association
We have just a few days left for our change collection drive. We currently are at a little over $300. Thank you to several students who helped sort and count our change last week. For each $100 we raise, someone gets a pie in the face!
2 months ago, Robin Peters
change collection
Save the date: Please share this link with anyone you know that has an incoming Kindergarten student. We need this filled out before our round up night. Here's the link
2 months ago, Jeff Harper
round up
Changes coming to Avilla…stay tuned, Panthers.
2 months ago, Jeff Harper
Congratulations to our 2021-22 Avilla Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Alana Collins. Help us to congratulate her in the comments or with a personal email
2 months ago, Jeff Harper
Our lost and found is overflowing. If you are missing hats, coats, sweatshirts, gloves please have your student check it out.
3 months ago, Robin Peters
lost and found
lost and found 2
Panthers had a couple of visitors today. Officer Dixon and our new resource dog. We can't wait to find out the name that is chosen!
3 months ago, Robin Peters
dog 1
dog 2
One of our 3rd grade classes had on all shades of green today for green day! Don't forget that tomorrow is red, white, or blue day.
3 months ago, Natalie Williams
Green Day
Avilla 5th grade showed up strong for crazy sock day! Our Read Across America dress up celebration continues tomorrow with pajama day.
3 months ago, Jeff Harper
Avilla Families, here is our March newsletter.
3 months ago, Jeff Harper
Just a few more sock day pictures.
3 months ago, Robin Peters
sock 5
sock 6
Check out some of our crazy socks from today...Don't forget tomorrow is PAJAMA and bring a stuffed animal day. Please remember, that pajamas need to be school appropriate.
3 months ago, Robin Peters
sock 1
sock 4
sock 3
sock 2
Check out Mr. Harper today at lunch with some of our students. They loved his hat! Don't forget tomorrow is crazy sock day!
3 months ago, Robin Peters
hat day
Please consider helping us with our March Community Outreach Project. Details in the graphic:
3 months ago, Jeff Harper
March CO
Here is our latest at-home monthly STEM challenge. These challenges are optional for our students and are completed at home. Family involvement is encouraged for each challenge. Please sign up by Thursday, March 3.
3 months ago, Avilla Elementary School
STEM Challenge
Help us celebrate Read Across America Week!
3 months ago, Robin Peters
Today's staff spotlight is on our awesome tech teacher, Megan Rodenbeck. Mrs. Rodenbeck joined our Avilla Staff at the beginning of this school year. She has three beautiful children and is an Avilla parent as well. Thank you Mrs. Rodenbeck for all you do!
3 months ago, Robin Peters
Free skating party! We hope to see many Avilla Families at the Skatin' Station next Thursday evening. Thank you to our tremendous PTO for this fun opportunity.
3 months ago, Jeff Harper
Drew Grossman joined our Avilla Family in December as our P.E. teacher. He is currently finishing up his elementary education degree and he and his wife are expecting a daughter very soon. Baseball is his favorite sport and he is huge Detroit Tigers fan. Welcome Drew!
3 months ago, Robin Peters